Sosúa is located on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, just four miles from Puerto Plata International Airport. 

This town exhibits its large and interesting Jewish heritage.  During World War Two about 800 German and Austrian Jewish refugees received visas by the Dominican government and settled in Sosúa. Descendants of the original settlers still live in Sosúa, where they maintain a synagogue and a museum. Many streets are named for Ashkenazic Jews.

Sosúa Bay attracts many water sports enthusiast, including snorkelers and divers because of its sheltered, calm waters, diverse species of fish and intricate reef structures.

Sosúa is famous for being a top destination for the single male. The many nightclubs crammed into this small area is ideal for bar-hoppers and party goers.  However recently there has been a great effort in changing this image.

All types of accommodations can be found here from hotels to luxury villas.  There is a very large expatriate community in Sosúa, which consists of mostly German, British, American, and Canadian expats.

Restaurants offer a variety of cuisine, influenced by the combination of exquisite flavors from various cultures found in the area.


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