If you are staying in an all-inclusive resort the buffet style food can become monotonous, it is highly recommended to get out and explore the local cuisine which is hearty and delicious.
Dominican Cuisine is predominantly made up of a combination of Spanish, indigenous Taíno, and African influences, below is a list of just a few of the local delicacies you should try during your stay.

La Bandera
Perhaps the most commonly eaten meal in the Dominican. La Bandera (meaning “the flag”) consists of white rice, stewed beans and a meat dish that’s usually stewed or roasted.

Mainly served as a breakfast dish, Mangú is a Dominican staple made from boiled, green plantains that are mashed and topped with sautéed red onions, most often accompanied by fried eggs, fried salami and fried cheese.

This hearty stew is a blend of seven meats and a variety of root vegetables. It takes several hours to prepare and is usually enjoyed during special events and gatherings with family and friends.  Best served with a side of white rice and avocado.

A favorite snack sold by most street vendors and cafeterias, empanadas are flat filled pastries that are then deep fried and taste delicious.  Common fillings are chicken, ground beef, ham, cheese and eggs.

Many Middle-Eastern dishes have been adopted into Dominican cuisine, such as the "Quipe" that comes from the Lebanese kibbeh. Another delicious savory treat, brown and crispy on the outside and filled with minced meat.

Accompanying almost every Dominican dish is a serving of Tostones, made from unripe plantains which are fried, bashed, and then re-fried.

Dulce de Coco
Dulce de coco is a creamy, coconut and milk dessert. With only five ingredients, it’s a quick and easy fix to any sweet tooth craving.

Habichuela con Dulce
This uniquely Dominican dish is a popular tradition especially during the Easter period or ‘Semana Santa’ it is produced in large quantities and served among friends and family.  It is a rich, sweet cream made with slow cooked beans, sweet potato, coconut and sugar.

Dominican coffee has a smooth and robust flavor.  The most popular brand is ‘Café Santo Domingo’.  Most locals drink their coffee black/negro and strong in a small cup with lots of sugar.


The traditional Dominican drink is called Mamajuana. It is an energy boosting medicinal drink made from different herbs, roots, rum and honey.  It is most famously used as natural aphrodisiac and is commonly known as the ‘Dominican Viagra’!

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