The Dominican Republic is best known for its delicious rum, so make sure you bring a few bottles home with you. You should not worry about the price, because in the Dominican Republic, rum is very inexpensive.  There are three main types of rum in the Dominican Republic, White Rum, Dark Rum (which varies in age) and the infamous 151 Rum (which cannot be taken out of the country as it is highly flammable) Most Dominicans prefer to drink rum mixed with Coca Cola and Lime. This famous cocktail is called Cuba Libre, or with Lemonade and Lime which is called a Santo Libre.


The traditional Dominican drink is called Mamajuana. It is an energy boosting medicinal drink made from different herbs, roots, red wine, rum and honey.  Dominicans use it as a cure all, for headaches, flu symptoms, blood pressure, however it is most famously used as natural aphrodisiac and is commonly known as the ‘Dominican Viagra’!

The Dominican is home to some of the best, and oldest cigar brands on the planet thanks to the consistent, tropical climate that’s ideal for growing tobacco. For years, if you asked an enthusiast which country produced the best cigars, chances are they would say the Dominican. The first popular location for producing cigars outside of Cuba, brands like La Aurora, Macanudo, Arturo Fuente, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, and many others, continue to flourish here

A stone you can find nowhere else but in the Dominican Republic is Larimar. It is a blue and white pectolite used to make jewelry and many other forms of artwork.  This stone represents the beautiful Caribbean Sea and Beaches, where you can see from deep blue to light blue and green blue waters, white sand and a blue sky with white and grey clouds.

Amber, a fossil resin, is formed when sap emitted from trees dried up and hardened. Nowhere in the world can it be found with the variety of colors same density as in the Dominican Republic.  The Dominican amber is of high quality, and you might have the chance to find pieces of amber with small insects within. A piece of blue amber in jewelry would be an excellent keepsake.

Statues and Figurines
Petrified wood is a fossilized wood that Dominicans carve into impressive statues, anything from chess sets, intricate dragons, romantic couples to baseballs can be carved and personalized as a gift to take home. One of the most popular souvenirs of the Dominican Republic is the faceless ceramic doll.  The dolls depict Dominican country life with some dolls balancing baskets or pots on their heads. The dolls are created faceless because Dominican people represent a variety of ethnic and racial groups from all over the world.

Oil Paintings
Neighboring Haiti has influenced the Dominican Republic in many ways, one of which is their fabulous artwork. Tourist shops and market stalls along the North Coast will display a variety of canvas oil paintings, the colorful simplicity of the work reflecting everyday life, along with an inexpensive price tag, makes them a very nice souvenir of your visit.

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