On www.sunoza.com visitors will find the best attractions along the Northern Coastline of the Dominican Republic. Puerto Plata is one of the most popular tourist and resort destinations in this area.
Christopher Columbus described Puerto Plata as "the fairest land under heaven", it captivates visitors from around the world with an intoxicating potion of Latin American culture, incredible natural beauty, and the extraordinary kindness of its people.
Our main goal is to increase tourism for all businesses in the area, which offer a variety of services to tourists such as tours, accommodation, foods, etc. We plan to help them grow by advertising these businesses on our website.
Through our website www.sunoza.com we hope to help Puerto Plata reach its full potential as a tourist destination, giving people the confidence to get out and enjoy all that the Northern Coastline has to offer.
Our intention is to create interest for potential visitors to choose Puerto Plata as their next go to destination as well as provide an up to date list of information for current travelers so they can feel comfortable and secure when exploring the local areas and attractions along the north coast.
Website users will be encouraged to visit the places advertised and have the ability to post feedback, reviews, and photos, as recommendations for future visitors.

Enabling travelers to plan and book the perfect trip.  We understand the diversity of people’s needs during their vacation, we aim to provide information on all areas of interest along the north coast of the Dominican Republic in order for visitors to feel comfortable and secure when exploring the local areas and attractions.
Whether searching for the perfect tranquil beach retreat, excursions and adventure trails or simply looking to indulge in the local cuisine or enjoy an evening on the town, we advertise all establishments from small unique restaurants to large international resorts.
Our goal is to fulfil the most demanding needs, to provide more information than any other website offers to satisfy every visitor during their stay on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.

By understanding that advertising has become a necessity for everybody in today’s daily life and that we are in a digital world, we advertise all businesses in the area, which offer services to tourists. We provide a full description of the business, what it is dedicated to, what it is actually offering and the reasons why people should visit during their stay in the Dominican Republic. 
We aspire to show visitors to our website all the potential that the province of Puerto Plata has to offer. It is important to understand that these days most people will go online and research products and companies before they make a purchase, because of this, we want to give every touristic trade the opportunity of advertising their company with us.

As a local company we are dedicated to ensuring the places of interest, excursions and establishments advertised are credible and up to date.
Our reviews and recommendations are written by previous website users who have experienced firsthand the services, indulged in bars and restaurants or witnessed the beauty of the local areas.
It is our duty to confirm the reviews are accurate, we will actively update relevant information and follow up on feedback posted.

We are providing a service to the Northern Area of the Dominican Republic to increase tourism.  Helping people discover great places around them.
Not only a hub for local information, we also go the extra mile, providing a contact for visitors to call or email to answer questions and queries, anything we can do to guarantee that a guest makes the most out of their stay to positively impact the tourist industry
Constantly looking to broaden our horizons and improve our services we welcome feedback and requests.
Working directly with local businesses we can ensure our visitors find what they are looking for and make wonderful memories to share with friends and family across the world.

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